Make a great impression

Homme et femme souriants

The smile is a universal language that translates our emotions. Before a single word is spoken, our smile already announces the colors of our feelings. Our smile can signify welcome, boldness, embarrassment, seduction, complicity, and how many more subtle emotions for our family and friends.

But for a smile to share a sincere and authentic emotion, it must be expressed naturally, with no restraints.

Dentures and dental appliances do so much more than contribute to physiological functions such as masticating, breathing and speaking; they allow the smile to bloom. Well-designed and perfectly fitted dentures can be invisible to our family and loved ones: they become part of our person.

It is also worth knowing that dentures and dental appliances have thousands of microporosities that can host bacteria, fungi and other microbes. If these microbes are not eliminated regularly, they can form colonies that infect the gums and mouth, causing all sorts of uncomfortable situations for the affected person and their loved ones.

Properly cleaned dentures and dental appliances not only improve our overall health... but also contribute to good relationships with our family, friends and social contacts.