Oral hygiene and prevention of infectious diseases

Hygiène bucco-dentaire et prévention des maladies infectieuses

Consequences of poor oral hygiene practices

Dentures and dental appliances contains microporosities that hide thousands of microbes. Over 500 species of microorganisms have been identified in the oral cavity (mouth). Deep cleaning of dentures and dental appliances is an effective and proven preventive measure to reduce the risk of disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms that live in dentures. 

Bacteria, fungi and viruses that grow on dentures and appliances contribute to multiple diseases as a result of this contamination:

  • risk of cerebral embolism
  • high blood pressure
  • respiratory infections
  • heart disease
  • renal insufficiency
  • diabetes
  • infections contracted in a health care facility (nosocomial infections).

In addition, the use of certain medications can disturb the balance of the oral microbiote. An additional risk factor for the elderly.

Preventing disease through better dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is therefore an essential factor for the oral health of people wearing dentures and dental appliances. It allows to:

  1. Maintain a good state of health
  2. Prevent the aggravation of pre-existing health problems.

The use of a denture and appliance cleaner is an important preventive tool that contributes to improving the quality of life.

Why choose Novadent

The results of a University of Montreal research show significant differences between the products available on the market in terms of cleaning efficiency. Novadent stands out for its performance. In fact, its 7-day cleansing formula has far superior antibacterial properties than other products sold online or in pharmacies. This is why Novadent receives the highest level of trust from dental health professionals and why they routinely use the products in clinics.

References: Studies on infectious diseases associated with microbial contamination of dentures

Oral hygiene has been the subject of several scientific studies over the past 30 years. Public health departments and universities have found that good oral hygiene improves quality of life, social relationships and reduces the likelihood of developing infectious diseases.

Routine maintenance of dentures, prostheses and appliances is an effective, affordable and accessible preventive tool for everyone.

The Novadent cleansers are developed by dental health professionals to optimize cleaning quality and simplify the care routine for users. The formulation, made from natural ingredients, allows for 7 consecutive days of use.

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