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Bain de trempage Novadent avec curseur aide-mémoire pour prothèses et appareils dentaires

Soaking bath with day-reminder

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The Novadent® cleaning container simplifies the maintenance of your dental prosthesis or appliance.

It features a twist-on lid and a day-reminder slider. A microfilter basket hooks onto the inside rim to handle the denture or dental appliance without getting your fingers wet. The wall of the container allows a discreet view inside without revealing too much of the contents.

The Novadent® cleaning container is suitable for all types of dentures and dental appliances and can be used when traveling or on the go (no liquid inside).

  1. Set the day-reminder slider on the current day.
  2. Add ¾ cup (185 ml) of lukewarm water to the bath.
  3. Add a sachet of Novadent® 7-day formula.
  4. Replace the cleaning solution after 7 days.
IMPORTANT: Rinse prosthesis or dental appliance thoroughly BEFORE AND AFTER soaking.

WARNING: Empty the bath before placing it in a bag or suitcase. Do not carry the cleaning container filled with cleaning solution in a bag (handbag, sports bag) or a suitcase. The cleaning solution could spill and discolor the affected articles. Do not store in an enclosed area.