Novadent Original: Full dentures, acrylic or metal partial dentures.

Novadent iP Ultra Soft: All types of dental prostheses and appliances, specifically designed for implant-supported and soft-base prostheses. Mouthguards, alignment shells, retainers, mandibular advancement splints, sports mouthguards, dental night guards.

Novadent contains a blend of oxidizing salts that remain active for 7 consecutive days. The Novadent solution cleans microporosities and works in depth to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, tartar and plaque. Novadent dissolves organic matter at the microscopic level, eliminating the need for brushing before soaking.

Microbes, tartar and plaque are continuously building up. Daily soaking significantly reduces the risk of infections caused by dentures and appliances. Daily cleaning also helps maintain the appearance, brightness and freshness of dentures and appliances.

Add one Novadent sachet to 185 ml (3/4 cup) of lukewarm water. Rinse denture or appliance with lukewarm water. Soak denture or appliance for 15 minutes a day. Remove denture or appliance from the soaking bath. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, while brushing with a soft-bristle brush.

Do not discard the Novadent solution: it will clean and eliminate microbes for a full week.

The Novadent soaking bath includes a practical basket for handling dentures or appliances. The day-reminder slider indicates the day when the solution is prepared.

No, the soaking bath is not watertight.

Yes, after soaking in Novadent solution. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, while rinsing the denture or appliance thoroughly with lukewarm tap water for 1 minute. Do not use toothpaste.

Novadent 7-Day Formula provides complete, deep cleaning. It kills microbes and fungi, and removes tartar and plaque. Dentures and dental appliances are left clean and smooth. Using Novadent 7-Day Formula also reduces the volume of solution to be prepared, the quantity of water needed for cleansing and the quantity of waste from packaging.

A 15-minute soak once a day is all it takes to thoroughly clean most dental appliances. Novadent solution remains active for 7 days. After 7 days, the solution must be discarded and replaced by a new preparation.

Novadent is intended for external use only. A residual taste indicates that the denture or appliance was not rinsed thoroughly. Repeat thorough rinsing with lukewarm water.

No, Novadent does not contain chlorine. However, when Novadent crystals are added to tap water, the chlorine in the water evaporates quickly and may release a chlorine odor.

No, Novadent's cleaning action targets microbes and organic residues. The color of artificial teeth cannot be altered with a cleanser. On the other hand, dentures cleaned with Novadent look as good as new, and appear whiter and smoother.

No, Novadent cannot be used to whiten natural teeth. Novadent cannot be applied on natural teeth. Novadent is designed for external use to clean removable dental appliances.

The Novadent solution dissolves the tiniest organic particles that stick to dentures and appliances. By eliminating organic micro-particles, food doesn't adhere as easily and the denture remains smoother.

Most denture and appliance cleaners contain detergents that lift and loosen larger organic particles. The particles in suspension make the water cloudy.

In contrast, Novadent 7-Day Formula contains a blend of oxidizing ingredients that totally dissolve organic micro-particles, making them invisible to the eyes.

No, the ingredients contained in one sachet are balanced for 185 ml (3/4 cup) of water. Reducing or increasing the proportion of crystals in the water will not result in a satisfactory cleaning.

Adding more crystals will not increase the strength of the cleaning solution. However, a longer soaking time will increase the cleaning efficiency.

Yes, but it should be noted that, if a denture is worn or poorly maintained, it will contain a greater accumulation of microbes, tartar and plaque. In this case, the recommended soaking time for the first use is 8 hours. After the first 8-hour soak, discard and replace the cleaning solution (even if it looks clean and clear).

Yes, Novadent solution can be used to clean solderless orthodontic appliances.

Yes, Novadent is safe for metal partial dentures made from metals such as vitallium, titanium and chrome-cobalt.

No, Novadent is not compatible with dentures or dental appliances containing gold.